Founded in 1997 is Agrident since more than 20 years committed to RFID and the livestock business. We provide ISO 11784/11785 RFID readers for agricultural process control animal management and traceability Systems world-wide. With this long time experience it is our essential aim to adapt the RF/ID technology perfectly to the needs of the livestock industry.


Agrident represents more than 20 years of experience in agricultural technology. We launched our first portable and stationary ISO 11784/11785 readers with 134.2 kHz already in 1997. Due to this long experience in reader technology Agrident knows the special needs of the livestock industries. We are committed to animal welfare, effective farming and customer satisfaction. In close co-operation with our partners world-wide we try permanently to improve our products and adapted them to the constantly changes in our market.

Quality ISO9001 certified

For us, total quality begins right at the very first moment of every new product. Several checks from the first idea via the prototypes to the production ensure that quality is part of the product itself. Due to our commitment to the animal market the test on farms is very important and key to our success. Our ISO9001 certified production system consists of permanent quality controls for every component. This ensures the highest quality of any product.


Every product is only as good as the service and support provided. Therefore, we are always reaching for the highest customer satisfaction. We provide not only the right products but also the best possible support for any application. Our after sales service – using all types of modern communication – is the base for long term running systems. Last but not least the intensive training we are offering to our partners guarantees our high standards worldwide.

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