APS200 Fast Charger and ARB100 Battery

Although the AWR100/200 offers a superior operation time with one
battery some application require a second or third battery pack for a
long working shift. In this case the APS200 fast charger and the extra
ARB100 batteries offer the necessary flexibility in power supply.

Technical Data APS200 Fast Charger and ARB100 Battery


Dimensions L x W x H130 x 100 x 55 mm
Weight approx.200 g
Power supply110-230 Volt (US Version APS210)

Dimensions L x W x H90 x 20 x 23 mm
Weight approx.100 g
Capacity780 mAh
Type9.6 Volt NiMH

APS200 Fast Charger and ARB100 Battery

ACC100 Car adaptor

With the ACC100 car adaptor the APR350/380 readers can be recharged at a standard 12 Volt car socket. This gives more flexibility at mobile application in the field.

Technical data ACC100 Car adaptor

Weight approx.80 g
Power supply12 Volt car battery
ACC100 Car adaptor

ATB100 Transport box

When the AWR100/200 and its accessories (e.g. batteries, charger, and printer) are used at several locations the ATB100 box provides safe and tidy transport. All necessary parts are always together.

Technical data ATB100 Transport box

Dimensions L x W x H800 x 265 x 125 mm
Weight approx.2,200 g
ATB100 Transport box
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