The RFID reader AIR300 is an integrated 134.2 kHz RFID reader for WAP3 and WAP4, the rugged mobile computer PSION Workabout Pro and the WORKABOUT PRO WAP4 by ZEBRA and MOTOROLA. The reader combines the reading of ISO 11784/11785 transponders with the flexibility and mobility of a ruggedized portable computer based on Windows CE and Windows Mobile with optional Wi-Fi, GPRS, GPS and Barcode. In addition, the AIR300 can R/W transponders compatible to ISO14223. Due to the convenient one-hand operation it is the ideal solution for all applications that require many data like at breeding, dairy operation, transport or veterinarian services.

AIR300 offers convenient data collection with flexibility and mobility of a rugged portable computer. The light weight guarantees highest operating comfort.

The configurable interface enables the use of transponder data in Windows CE or Windows Mobile application. A Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Microsoft Compact Framework v2.0 is available. The Keyboard-Wedge software allows simple integration into existing programs. The wide variety of accessories provided by PSION, MOTOROLA and AGRIDENT allows the combination of RFID with different features, i.e. Barcode, WIFI, ext. antenna, etc.

The built-in Push-Pull connector allows use and easy plug-in of an external antenna (AEA series). This makes true distance reading possible.

Technical Data of the AIR300

Frequency134.2 kHz
Transponder typesHDX and FDX-B compliant to ISO 11784/5
Read rangeInternal Antenna (typical values)
24 cm with HDX transponders (30 mm Ø)
20 cm with FDX-B transponders (30 mm Ø)

External Antenna (typical values)
26 cm with HDX transponders (30 mm Ø)
22 cm with FDX-B transponders (30 mm Ø)
Read cyclesmin. 2000 cycles based on battery
power provided by WAPro
InterfacesInternal USB connector
Plug for external antenna
Power supplyPowered via WORKABOUT PRO’s
internal power supply
Protection Class IP65
Operating Temperature-20 to +60°C, -4 to +140° Fahrenheit
Storage Temperature-30 to +80°C, -22 to +176° Fahrenheit
Dimensions L x W x H: 126 x 98 x 36 mm (AIR300 only)

Dimension of WORKABOUT PRO depends on WAPro model and Accessories used
WeightApprox. 120 g (AIR300 only)
Approx. 620 g with WAPro-G4 Short
ApprovalsICAR Conformance Test concerning
ISO24631-2, CE, FCC, IC


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