APR500 E

The APR500 E is the entry level class for portable ruggedized readers. It combines an ISO 11785 RFID 134.2 kHz reader with programmable Hotkeys for easy data collection. It offers an alphanumeric keypad, a graphical display, a large memory, USB and RS232 in a very robust and ergonomic IP64 housing.

The APR500 E comes with some useful new functions:

  • SCALE Mode for the collection of weighing data from major brands of scales
  • SPEED Mode for continuous reading and data collection
  • RACE Mode for fast race reading in combination with the ASR static readers
  • TASK Mode for the easy creation of complex tasks for data collection

The APR500 E Reader is compatible to the ISO Standard 11784/85 and reads FDX-B and HDX with a very good reading range. Due to the handy design and the pocket size of its robust IP 64 case the reader is very comfortable for long-time operation even under worse conditions.

The large backlit graphic LCD can display up to 5 x 20 characters. Various languages are possible. An ergonomic mobile phone style Keyboard with 21 Keys ensures easy and comfortable operation For the data communication, the APR500 E has USB and RS232 on board.

For convenient power management the AA Type batteries can be replaced easily by standard cells or with the optional available rechargeable (via USB) NiMH cells. The APR500 E can be used with an external stick antenna like the AEA580 or a mountable AMA090 antenna, which allows one-hand operation.

Technical Data of APR500 E

Frequency134.2 kHz
Transponder typesHDX compatible (ISO 11784/5)
FDX-B compatible (ISO 11784/5)
Optional H4002 compatible
Read rangeApprox. 25 cm with HDX
transponder Ø 30 mm

Approx. 20 cm with FDX-B
Transponder Ø 30 mm
InterfacesUSB with the APC500 cable or via
optional docking station ADS500

RS232 using the APC510 cable

Plug for external antenna
Memory Flash for 5000 data set
Power supply2 x 1.2 V AA Batteries
Optional Internal charging of supplied NiMH batteries via USB
Protection Class IP64
Temperature range -20 to +60°C, -4 to +140° Fahrenheit
Dimensions L x W x H: 175 x 92 x 40 mm
Weightapprox. 350 g
ApprovalsCE, FCC, IC and ICAR ISO 24631-2

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